Thursday, March 4, 2010

Living In SIN!!!

Not Really... but the apartment search in Vegas has been so incredibly discouraging. Apartments in the right price range are in crappy areas and have terrible ratings and the apartments that are in nicer areas with good ratings are waaay out of our price range. I mean, living in Vegas is SO cheap, but we are on a super tight budget since half of Tyson's day will be dedicated to his apprenticeship which he will not get paid for.
A few weeks ago I came across an apartment in Spring Valley (a small part of vegas that I have never heard of) and it was in the right price range and had decent ratings! Tyson made an appointment the next day to take a look at the area and a model of the apartment. He completely approved! They finally had a two bedroom opening and we were officially approved today! What a great day it is!!! Our move in date is going to be around the 5th. I was hoping for an earlier move in date but at least the end of this separation is in sight!!! I can see it!!! I can't wait to be with Tyson again... I know I say that all the time... but I CAN'T WAIT TO BE WITH TYSON AGAIN!!!
Today was a great day... and a new countdown begins :)

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