Sunday, March 14, 2010

Sweet Surprises

On Friday, I was sitting by the computer with the beeb and waiting for my daily skype date with Tyson. He called me and I saw his big huge cheese on the computer screen. He was walking outside and up to a door... he walked through the door and I realized that it was MY front door! No wonder he had a big ol' cheesy grin on his face... it was the sweetest surprise! I thought I wouldn't see him until the 1st! We spend lots of time cuddling and laughing with Charlea in bed, we went to a couple of rugby games, and had a ridiculously good prime rib dinner last night at my brothers restaurant. Since Tyson has been away from Charlea pretty much since New Years, we decided to give her the equivalent of a prime rib dinner :) not really, but we decided to give her her first solids... a lil bit of rice cereal. I was initially going to wait until 6 months because she is doing soo well being exclusively breastfed, but I thought it would be a nice treat for her and for Tyson since he has been missing a lil bit in these last couple of months. Plus, I kow she is ready... she can sit on her own, she is grabbing everything around her, she is sooo interested in what I am eating all the time... my big girl is ready for some good stuff! Although I think I'll wait until another month to give it to her more consistantly, it was a fun night for all of us! I attached a video of her first taste... she had a little bit of trouble with the spoon, but I think she did great... and she is such a cute lil thing!!!
Tyson is gone again... back to our future home... Charlea and I are laying on the bed resting. She has been napping for about 2 hours!!! Unheard of these days!!! It's almost as if she wanted to soak up as much of her Daddy as she possibly could while he was here... we'll be together again soon enough... well not soon enough, but you know!
PS. Watching my baby girl giggle away at my husband for the first time has most definitely been a highlight of my life... soo many more to come.

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