Monday, April 12, 2010

A Momentous Occasion

I've always done the cooking... which is fine by me because I looove cooking, especially for Tyson who loves food. He makes me feel like the worlds greatest chef just about everynight :) LAST NIGHT was definitely a momentous occasion... My husband cooked me dinner!!! Ok, he has cooked for me before... a Noodle a la top romin and he can make a mean macaroni and cheese. But it has been a while. Not even a week in our new home and he whips up the best Indian Dinner I have every had! Seriously! Indian cuisine was the ONLY type of food I couldn't bare to eat when I was pregnant... actually I couldn't bare to be in the same room with curry. But I loved it before and my love for the Masala has returned. That is just what he made, Chicken Tikka Masala, basmati rice with some garlic nan bread... oh man! It was beyond yummy! I was kind of funny to see Tyson in the kitchen though... or I guess it was funny to see my reaction to Tyson in the kitchen. It was kind of like letting some random stranger drive my 150,000 BMW... Except he is my husband and I don't own a BMW... but you get what I mean. I was looming over him like a protective mother making sure he was treating my BMW right. The kitchen is my Woman Cave :)
Anyways... it was a good night, a sweet treat, and a perfect way to end a hectic weekend.
You look pretty sexy in the kitchen bu

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  1. That seriously looks JUST like Matt in the kitchen! Down to the t-shirt, shorts, facial hair and beer in hand! love it!