Thursday, April 8, 2010


We made it to our new home, Las Vegas, Nevada. The ride over was much easier than I anticipated! About 15 minutes into the ride, Charlea did a maaajor poop so we had to stop right away to get her all clean, but after that we didn't need to stop at all!!! I thought... 3 stops, maybe more, but I'm sooo glad that I was wrong. We are almost all settled into our new place. a few more bags and boxes to unpack, but I think by next week all will be in it's proper place! I started work almost immediately when we got here. I get to take Charlea to the office with me, which I am sooo thankful for. Tyson starts his new job next week. It's amazing how everything has come together in the last few weeks... there were so many uncertainties, but everyday life is kind of figuring itself out for us. Lovely! I'll keep you all updated....
We are on our way baby!!! She looks a lil scared here...
The wind almost took him away!

We made it! In our empty new home! She approves :)

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