Monday, May 10, 2010

A Good Weekend

Tyson and I got to go out without the babe for the first time in months! It was so nice. I was giddy walking down the strip with a vodka cranberry in one hand and my husbands hand in the other. We laughed, ate good food, did some good people watching, and took pictures of it all. Although, I have to say, the giddiness wore off fairly quickly and I missed my precious squishy baby, but I still enjoyed the time away. We stayed at the rio for the night since my parents were staying there and were babysitting Charlea. Before we went out we took Charlea to the pool and lounged in the sun. That baby loves the water and was just cute as can be observing everything around her. THEN! Sunday was Mother's day. My sweet sweet baby let me sleep in until 10:00 AM! I almost kissed her face off when I looked at the clock! Tyson had to work until 4, but I had a good tie loafing around the house and watching chick flicks with Charlea. Tyson can home with roses in hand and cooked me my favorite, steak, potatoes, and brussel sprouts! Oh it was absolutely perfect! We watched Sherlock Holmes and went to bed early, exhausted from such a long, packed few days. It really was a great weekend, which is probably why I am feeling a little low today.... It was hard to wash dishes and pick up the house... it was hard to get back to real life!
On another note, Tyson and I are enjoying our second baby the Canon 50d. I love capturing these moments, I love that Charlea will be able to see all of these pictures someday! What a great buy!

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