Monday, June 14, 2010

Oh these Babes!

These two lil babes make me smile so much! Lahela is Charlea's 2nd cousin. But they are only a month apart. Lahela was a bit premature so they are pretty similar when it comes to how active they are, which milestones they have hit.... they are even pretty much the same size. We also live about 5 minutes away from them, so we have get togethers as much as possible the get these lil girls playing. Lahela's Mom (Tyson's 1st cousin) asked us to take some pictures of Lahela for a fathers day gift she was working on for Lahela's Daddy. She bought Charlea a lil matching t-shirt, so we decided to take some pictures of the two while we were at it. It was fun. They were good sports and it was a beautiful day! I have to say.... it is so nice having another Mom so close to me is has a baby the same age. We also have very similar views on parenting which is so so nice. It almost like a fun lil support system for Charlea and I. Anyways... I had to post a couple of pictures. Cuteness OVERLOAD!!!
PS. Thank you to my husband and his wonderful picture taking skills :)

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