Monday, June 28, 2010

What I Love

Today is my birthday and I am feeling full of love so I thought I might share... Plus I had some delicious sushi and plum sake and it's got me smiling a little bigger than normal :)

I love... well sushi and sake.... I might as well start of with that since it was part of the inspiration for this post. Tyson took me to a beautiful restaurant called HACHI tonight. It was THE BEST sushi I have EVER had. No joke. Who in the world would have thought!!! Delicious sushi in the desert!! I LOVE IT!!

I love the way the heat feels on my skin after being in our air conditioned apartment all morning. The air wraps around me like a warm sheet fresh out of the dryer. It's the kind of heat that gives you goosebumps and a smile.

I love how Tyson can be in the deepest of deep sleeps, but when I put my face close to his, he puckers his lips. He loves me even while he's dreaming.

I love nursing Charlea right before bed. Her chubby body melts into my arms... she knows it is bed time. She starts with her eyes open and reaches up to my face touching my lips and cheeks and then her arm falls into her hair when she can't keep her eyes open anymore. She twirls her little finger around her loose ringlets until she is fast asleep.

I love stretching.... my goodness stretching my body feels so good. I need to do it more often.

I love the way moving far away from your family makes you see them in a completely different light. Especially the women in my life. I miss my Nana, we always tease that she says silly things, but I think she may be the smartest person I know. She asks questions without fear... she wants to learn all there is to learn... she loves uncontrollably... and she lives her life so selflessly. beautiful. Or her daughter, my mother, who I think about every second of every day now that I, myself, am a mother. I think she might be one of the most beautiful, wonderful woman to ever walk the earth. I also think about my Auntie Anne a lot here in the desert. I love how soft and sweet her voice is... she can say two words and you know exactly the kind of woman she is. Just lovely.

I love running out of shirts and having to wear Tyson's.... ok... so I wear his shirts even when I have clean ones of my own, not gonna lie :) His clothes are so much more snugly than mine.

I love how every single room in this apartment has been taken over by baby gear. Even the bathroom has teething rings inside the bumbo I sit her in while i'm taking my showers. Everywhere I go I am reminded of my baby which is fine by me. I breath her in every moment and it is still not enough.

I love people watching in Walmart... ya I said it. It is just the most entertaining thing ever. No where else in the world will you see a man in a suit wearing bright pink flip flops, a 300 pound woman sporting dental floss as a skirt, and a little kid walking an iguana. Priceless. When an 8 month old is staring in confusion at you as she scratches her head.... you know your looking a little odd.

I love knitting... it makes me feel like such a mom and I love being a mom. It's fabulous.

I love the way Tyson smells after coming home from a 16 hour work-day. His hugs intoxicate me, forcing my eyes to close and my mouth to smirk such a mischievous little smirk. I hope he gives me these silly butterflies forever. I think he just might ;)

My mom will laugh if she sees this, but I love the way a clean house feels. I LOVE it. When it is clean... my whole body relaxes and I realize that I've been tense for like three days straight. UGH!

I love my baby, I love my husband, I love the journey we are on as a family. Some days I think "holy crap, we can't do this... we can't" but most of the time I feel giddy with excitement when we talk about our future plans. Most of the time I feel like I am living the exact life I am suppose to live.

I love the feeling of complete contentment. It is such a divine feeling. I think I'll end it just like that.

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  1. Beautiful words Sweetheart...... You make my heart shine!!