Friday, September 10, 2010

Dreaming Out Loud

Today was one of those days, one of those perfectly perfect days. Nothing out of the ordinary happened, not a big event, I probably wont even remember the details of today... just the feeling. A feeling of happiness and contentment. It was one of those days when you wake up with a smile on your face because you know it's going to be a good one.
Charlea got her first major illness last weekend. Well, it wasn't too major, but it had us pretty stressed for a couple of days. She had a very very high fever... peaked at 104.2... Friday, Saturday, and Sunday morning. We took her to urgent care when it got to 104 and they couldn't find any source of infection, but gave her an antibiotic shot to break her fever. After the fever left for good she broke out in a rash on the back of her neck and the next day it was on her face and chest. This might have been a scary thing, but it actually explained what was going on with her. She got a virus commonly known as the roseola fever. But the rash meant that she was better, thank goodness. She wasn't a happy camper those few days. I had to have her in bed with me those few nights, so even though she was better a few days later, it was a struggle to get her to sleep in her crib again. SOOOO.... needless to say, I was ready for today.
Today actually started last night at 9PM when Tyson got home from Rugby practice. I had cleaned up dinner, got Charlea bathed and fed, and put her to bed while he was gone. He walked in to me bundled on the couch with my new chunky yarn and favorite crochet needle, working on a new project. We watched a Johnny Depp movie and fell asleep on our little "bed" we made on the living room floor. I woke up at 1AM and smiled at the sight of my sweet husband laying next to me. It's a pretty rare occasion that we get to fall asleep together with his work schedule. We got up and went into our real bed. Tyson fell asleep in 4.5 seconds, and I was dreaming soon after. Charlea woke up earlier than usual, 6:00, so I brought her to bed for some morning snuggles. We all fell back asleep for 2 more hours... well actually... I woke up 2 hours later and Charlea was staring at me. So, it is very possible that she woke up sooner and was just laying there playing with, the sheets, Tyson's hair, her hands until I woke up. She's a sweet girl. When she saw my eyes open she started yapping and moving around which woke Tyson who swooped her up for some morning breath kisses. She hates them, but we love them. We all got up and made our way to the living room. We put the TV on the music channel since Charlea's new favorite thing is to dance. I made pancakes, even little 2 inch rounds for Charlea. Delicious. After the pancakes, we loafed around in our beautiful pancake coma. Even Charlea took a little nap. Soon after that I picked up my crocheting project, Tyson worked on some t-shirt designs on his computer, and Charlea happily crawled from toy to toy yapping, laughing, and dancing when she felt like it. I would often look over my pile of yarn to watch her. Her life is so simple and happy and her smile is the most genuine, beautiful smile I have ever seen. Again, delicious!
When I finished the scarf I was working on, I walked outside to get the laundry and realized that it was gorgeous outside! Not hot! It was the first time in a long time I didn't feel like I was walking into a microwave upon opening my front door. I decided that a swim was in order. I put Charlea in her little pink and white striped bathing suit, a gift from her nina, and dragged Tyson away from his computer to come with us. The water was COLD! I was pretty surprised, but it didn't stop us although it did take me a few times "ok, one.... two... threeeee.... I CAN'T!". Charlea splashed around pointing her little chubby finger in the directions that she wanted to go... usually to the tiles that say the feet depth of the pool. Tyson sat my the stairs smiling at his little curious daughter. I love watching him... watch her. After a bit, we walked back to the apartment. I sat Charlea in her little bumbo, gave her some watermelon, and went to the kitchen to start dinner. On the menu? Steak, zuchini, squash and brocoli with brown rice. Delicious. The brown rice was taking too long so we just had steak and veggies, which was plenty! Tyson left for work about an hour later. It was so nice to be home with him all day, the surprise kisses, laughing hysterically at who knows what, the way he can make a dirty rhyming song about anything... like a car commercial. He went to work, and so did I. The end of the day is always my favorite part of the day. I put Charlea in her high chair and fed her dinner. Tonight I gave her some pear puree and then put a few stripes of some steamed zuchini and squash on her tray and let her play away. Hopefully a few bites got in her belly :)
While she was eating I washed the dishes, cleaned up the kitchen and living room, and vacuumed. After she was done, I got her bathed and dressed in her PJ's. I sat down on the couch with her for a few last laughs. Tickling her belly, getting her to mimic my clicking noises and scrunchy faces. At around 7:30 she started rubbing her eyes, so I took her to the dark room and nursed her until she fell asleep. Then I came back out into the living room, put on the X-Files movie and picked up a beanie that I've been needing to finish.
See what I mean? Nothing out of the ordinary, but today filled me up. My body aches a little bit. A good ache. The kind of ache that comes from a successful day. Who would have thought you'd find so much pleasure in the small things!
The X-Files movie just ended and the song playing in the credits took me back to middle school! Walking after you - Foo Fighters. I added it to my playlist to play first on this page. Scroll all the way down and play it again! It is so beautiful. Kind of a strange choice to play during the credits of a movie about an alien plague threatening the world, but a perfect choice for the ending of my day.
The first line says "Tonight I am tangled in my blanket of clouds, dreaming out loud" Yes I am. With a cherry on top. Goodnight.

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