Friday, September 17, 2010

Random Thought

I was reading one of my favorite Blogs written by a photographer, momma extraordinaire, and one of my idols.... Her name is Kelle Hampton and her blog is called Enjoying The Small Things. Check her out! You won't be sorry! Her pictures are absolutely amazing and the way she views life and motherhood fills my soul with motivation! Anyways... Her most recent post is about her meeting with another mother. She lives across the country, but they have bonded through blogging and have become very close (cyber) friends, never meeting each other in person. This got me thinking about my recent meeting with my "belly buddy" Allison.
When I found out I was pregnant, it was a pretty big shock and I had about 100 news questions and worries running through my head every day. I had so many questions, but no one to really talk to about it all since I wasn't telling people for a few weeks. Somewhere in the middle of my incessant google question asking "is it normal to have spasms in my abdomen when I'm 7 weeks pregnant?" "Is gagging when I brush my teeth normal?" "Why am I so tired when I am only 10 weeks pregnant?", I found the October 2009 Pregnant Mom group on What. A. Godsend. I became instant friends with about 15 other mommies who were going through the EXACT same thing as I was at the EXACT same time. They made my worries go away, they answered my questions, they shared their stories, they listened to my complaining.. it was wonderful. As you can imagine after 9 months of sharing everything with this group of ladies, we all became pretty (cyber) close. If it weren't for the fact that we are spread all over the country, I would hang out with these chicks regularly!
Towards the end of our pregnancies, we paired up into "belly buddies". We exchanged phone numbers and would contact our belly buddies when we go into labor and update them about the labor and birth so that our belly buddies could tell everyone else on the board. Well, i would have been excited to get any of these ladies, but I feel so lucky to have gotten Allison! She is a nurse, and such a sweet sweet person. She had her daughter a little early, on the 22nd of September... and I had Charlea on her one month birthday, October 22nd. I have kept in contact with Allison outside of the board, asking her advice about breastfeeding, sleeping routines, I even vent her her about more personal things. Allison actually lives in California a couple of hours from where I use to live. I think we were the two closest moms (proximity) on the board! Unfortunately moving to vegas put a few more miles between us.... BUT Allison and her family came to visit last weekend and we got to meet!
I adored her, like I thought I would. Her little daughter and Charlea were so cute together as well. After our short meeting was over... I found myself craving more and felt a little sad that I didn't live closer to them. Being pregnant is a truly magical thing and going through every step with Allison and the rest of the October Mom's has meant so much to me. I think I'll talk to these ladies about Charlea going to her first day of school, and complain to them about the greasy boy that askes her to prom!
Reading Kelle's blog post and then thinking about my own meeting with Allison got me thinking about people. I love people. I feel like there are so many wonderful people in this world.... all over the globe. People who would "get me" and who I would fall in love with in return. I hope I get the chance to meet a few more people like Allison out there. I'll leave you all with a picture of a beanie I made today..... bubbling over with cuteness!!!

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