Thursday, December 1, 2011

DIY Dresser: Making Room For Baby

I'm a tiny tiny tiiiiiiny bit ashamed to say that Charlea's changing table is still in her room... I still use it to hold her clothes in wicker bins on the shelf below the "changing" part and use the bottom shelf to hold her books. I still have the changing pad on the top shelf and I miiiight even put my big girl up on it occasionally to change a diaper or clothes. I know.... It is a little ridiculous seeing how she is twice the length of the table and probably passed up the weight limit months ago. In my own defense, I never really had another place to put the items that her changing table held. No dresser, no bookshelf. So, I took out my long mental lists of "NEED to do's" and started working on a dresser. Tyson and I found a sad looking lime green dresser that was poorly re-painted white on craigslist. We paid 20 dollars for it. I wanted to give it a fun look that wasn't too "baby-like". So after some rusty fire-engine red paint and some bohemian brass knobs, Charlea's new dresser was complete. Total project cost: $40.00. Not too shabby.
We also bought a book sling as a Christmas gift. It is very plain... natural wood with cream colored canvas for the slings, but I plan on using my craftiness to spruce that up as well. That will be my project for next week.

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