Thursday, June 11, 2009

Tyson and his GIRLS!!!!!!

We found out June 10th 2009 that our first baby will be a little GIRL!! We started the ultrasound looking at all of her bones and internal organs... Our ultrasound tech pointed out everything to us and let us know how developed they should be. Our little baby was so cute... she was moving around, crossing her legs, waving her arms, and trying to get comfy. I can't tell you what a relief it was to see the baby had grown so big and active!!! We have had so much going on since the last time I got to see her and I was afraid I had not been taking as good care of my body as I should have. I could FEEL the baby growing and FEEL the baby moving and I could tell that my body was changing, but it's amazing that all of that was just not enough. I wanted to see my little baby with my eyeballs!!! Aaaand she is soooo cute!!! Tyson says she looks like a little turtle. We haven't chosen a name yet, so I'll just refer to her as Turtle for now. I have to admit when I saw the ultrasound tech looking for the gender... I saw that there was nothing there and felt a tiny tiny bit of sadness for the son that I really thought would come... I wanted a boy to protect all of his younger siblings. I also have to say that I didn't want to turn my head away from the screen to look at Tyson because I was afraid I would see disappointment... I know how much he wanted a son, and it made me want to give that to him! When I finally turn my head to look at him the smile on his face made me feel like disappointment was the furthest thing from his mind. I could tell that he was, is so excited to have a little girl. We both walked out of the doctors office hardly able to contain our giddiness. It was such a great moment...

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  1. You made me cry... from happiness, wishfulness... I am so happy for you three, you all deserve a joyful, beautiful life and I am so happy that you all found each other!
    Thanks for sharing these special moments :o)