Thursday, June 4, 2009

Halfway There...

So.. Tyson is so talented that we just got married and went on our honeymoon last week and Im already over 4 months pregnant!!! ;)
I'm at the halfway point of my pregnancy and I'm starting to see and feel some major changes. I guess the biggest changes are physical. I'll start with the not so pleasant changes so I can end on a happy note...
I am definitely getting a bit... fuzzier... Hormones are wonderful. Sleeping is becoming more and more of a chore. I can't sleep on my back or stomach, which are my two favorite sleeping positions. Even sleeping on my sides gets uncomfortable. When, by chance, I fall into a good deep sleep, I am usually awakened by my bladder screaming at me. I have to wake up to pee about 2 to 3 times per night. I get some crazy cramps in my abdomen when i move suddenly or sneeze or laugh hard. Since I married Tyson, who makes me laugh 24/7, I get them almost everyday. I have to tell you... some of them hurt so bad that it makes me terribly afraid of childbirth... and they only last, at their very longest, 10 seconds! The last change that is bothering my a bit is my mood swings. I think I only let them affect myself (I try not to punish Ty!). One day I will feel happy and positive and all smiles and the next day I'll be pretty irritable and just have a dull feeling of sadness. I could live without those days... for sure.
OKAY, on to the fun stuff!!!
My belly has grown sooo much in the past few weeks! The baby has tripled in size in the past month... and is measuring up to TEN inches!! caaaraaaaazyy!! I feel the baby moving ALL of the time.. everyday... all throughout the day. He/she is so active! Even when I am having one of the "sad" days that I mentioned before... the baby always puts a smile on my face! I bought my first pair of maternity pants yesterday which made me surprisingly happy. My jeans still fit me but they cut into my belly and can be very uncomfortable. my new ones are COMFINESS! Food is amazing! Eating is a whole new experience for me... It's definitely not just eating anymore. I'd say some of my happiest moments are sitting with my husband, with a full belly, and my lil baby dancing around. life is definitely good and even the bad days are a blessing. All for now... I'm hungry :)

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