Saturday, July 4, 2009

fair frog madness

so we went to the fair last week and it was pretty good. minus the long walk to the main gate (my knee is killing me!) and the temptation to eat everything in sight it was a good all around night. I had a heaping mound of chili cheese fries and two ice cream cones. Angelina HAD to have regular fries and ill all about pleasin my woman so i got them for her and she also got a cheese burger. then as we were walking out i heard a very annoying yet familiar frog song which blared from speakers on an overzealous lemonade stand with 15 feet monitors with an animated frog jumping around that had something i HAD to have...frog legs! i had never tried them and im always up to trying something new so i went for it. it wasnt bad. not worth 11 bucks but it was alright. it tasted like chickeny fish. weird. anyway got some cool stuff coming up and will share when it passes! goodnight Charlea and Angelina, i love you girls. 

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