Saturday, July 11, 2009

Arizona birthday!

Angelina has been asking to go on one last road trip before charlea arrives so for her birthday i suprised her with two ticket to see the d-backs vs padres IN PHOENIX! this didnt go over too well seeing as i didint give her the suprise until we were 1 quarter of the way there. It ended up a great trip though and although the weather sucked, im already missing hanging out with her in the hot sun and being amazed at how cheap things were there. 

we went straight there got a hotel and went straight to the game. the hotel was the ish! for 44 bux we got a king size bed with a kitchen and bathroom. free FULL breakfast the next morning (bacon eggs hash-browns toast coffee and OJ) aaaaand free drinks from 5-630. nothing better than free food and alcohol! 

the next day we went shopping around scottsdale downtown followed by a much needed nap and some swimming. after that we accidentally found a drive-in movie theatre!!! we got lost on the way back from the stadium and stumbled across one. so anyway, we stock up on goodies from the food mart and for 8 and a half bucks we both got to watch transformers and star trek minus star trek because old preggars wasnt feeling good cramped up in the back of the truck for 4 hours. understandable. anyway, this was a great trip and we ended it with a great drive home listening to the origins of the Green Lantern...we nerded out. good times and a great end to our single lifestyles. bitter sweet.  

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