Saturday, August 21, 2010

10 Months!!!

I took so so many pictures this month! I could have posted 2o more on here! Month 10 has been a big one for little miss Taumaoe. Double digits! She now has 5 teeth! She waves hi and bye. She says "hi" and kinda says "hello" and attempts to say whatever we are saying. Her favorite word is "Dada". She has all of the sudden decided the solid food is way more interesting than breastfeeding. She eats three pretty big meals a day. I nurse her whenever she wants.... but somedays, like today, she only nurses a couple of times. I thought I would be more sad about this transition, but I'm not so much! I am ready to have my body back! I know I'll miss it, the bonding, the closeness, but It just means we are moving on to different stages of her life and nothing can take away my excitement for that! She has been walking along side the couch for a while now... even when she wasn't crawling, which is pretty unusual because babies tend to crawl first.... BUT she finally is crawling. for a little over a week now. I wasn't upset at the thought that she might skip that crawling stage... but man was I proud when she finally did. It always takes me by surprise how proud and excited I get by these little milestones. I find myself in awe of her so so often and it is such a magical thing. Her personality is starting to shine through so much lately as well. We have always known her to be very calm and laid back. I would say she has developed a little bit of a sassy side! When Tyson and I are kissing her a little bit too much, she'll push our faces away as if to say "COM'ON enough of that mushy stuff!". I have also noticed lately how incredibly curious and observant she is. I will see her looking at something, lets say a shoe, She'll turn it and look at it from all angles and feel all of the different sides with her little eyebrows all stern like that shoe is probably the most important thing in the whole world. She will watch me while I am talking on the phone and she will just sit there very quiet listening to me and watching how my face moves. I can see her eyes jumping from my eyes to my moving lips, to my cell phone and hand holding it, and then back to my eyes. This month has been a doozy! A wonderfully delicious doozy! I absolutely can't believe that I need to start thinking about her first birthday party! Ahhh life. It's sweet.
Probably the greatest picture of all time! Death stare!
Look at how long and stretched out she has gotten!

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