Tuesday, October 5, 2010


These past few weeks have been a doozy for the Taumaoe family... A lot of changes... good and scary and exciting and wonderful! This is just going to be a quick update post, so I won't go into detail just yet...
Tyson is able to start tattooing as an apprentice! The boss loves his style so much that he has pretty much offered him a spot in the shop once the apprenticeship is over, which is very soon I might add. BUT... they are needing him more often which means that he isn't going to be working at the casino as much.... which means, smaller paycheck... but we'll work it out!
I'm starting the weaning process. I already have Charlea night weaned, which was pretty easy, but I know weaning her completely is going to be rough. I'm sad to stop breastfeeding, it has been such a wonderful thing for us, but I am very ready for this process!
Charlea's 1st birthday is this month and I am in full crazy mother planning mode! I am so excited to throw our bebe her first birthday. We are doing a fiesta themed birthday and I will be cooking all the food, baking the cakes etc. It's going to be great!
Applejaks is going well! starting slow, but I seem to get more and more orders as the weeks go by! This week I got two orders!
There are a few more exciting things going on, but stay tuned folks. October is going to be packed with craziness!
recent order!!! I love it!!!

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