Friday, October 15, 2010


I know I'm a tad early, but I've got to write this now because 1. as the days go by bringing us closer to the 22nd, I am becoming increasingly emotional! I need to get this out before I cannot read the computer screen through my teary eyes :) And 2. Also as the date nears, I have more and more to do for her party! SOoOoOoo..... Here we go....

Getting pregnant was most definitely a surprise and Charlea has continued with the surprises throughout her first year! I knew that I would love her from the very beginning... from the time she was the size of an apple seed. I knew that she was going to change my whole world! I didn't know that I would love her more and more every second of every day. I didn't know that she would completely fill my entire being with motivation. I didn't know that her smile would be sweeter and more lovely than the most decadent dessert in the world. I didn't know that when she got her first tooth, first said "mama", learned to crawl, that i would absolutely be bubbling over with proud-ness. I didn't know that smelling her skin and touching her hair would become my drug. My happy pill, my little Charlea. I love her. And I'm sure that she will continue with the surprises in the years to come.

Next, I want to take a second to brag about my husband. He is quite possibly the best father I have ever seen. He works so hard for our family, long hours, weeks with no days off, staying up all hours of the night. For example... last night I felt him slink into bed and I looked up at the clock... 4:15 am. Charlea wakes up these days at 6:30... so when I went to get her out of the crib I brought her back to our bed for one second so that I could put on a sweatshirt. He woke up after a couple hours of sleep with a smile and snuggled his girl. He loves her... oh does he love her. And she loves him just as much! She has a few different smiles. Big teethy grin when she is excited about something, a scrunchy face smile when she is a mixture of confused and amused, her shy pressed lip smile that is usually accompanied by a nuzzle into my chest, and my ABSOLUTE favorite... the smile that only her daddy gets. She looks at him like he is the most beautiful thing she has ever beheld. And he really, truly is. I have fallen so deeply in love with him. I knew when I married him that I loved him enough to last a lifetime. But If we lived three lifetimes together I think I'd have enough love to last a few more :)

I remember taking my very first look at Charlea’s angelic face after 18 hours of labor. She hardly cried and opened her eyes to look at me. That little girl had me at hello. Here we are a year later… my goodness. Next thing you know, I will be taking her to her driving test and arguing with her about the length of her skirt!

All I know is this… Since Charlea has been in my life the smell of a rose is much more lovely, the feeling of the sun is much more enveloping, the taste of chocolate is much more delicious, and the sound of the ocean is absolutely a divine melody. Life was beautiful before she came, but now I know that it was nothing compared to today.

Happy First Birthday my scrumptious baby girl. Mommy and Daddy love you!!!

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