Monday, November 1, 2010

Things I am Loving...

1. I love laying on the floor... relaxing... watching Charlea play, when all of the sudden she crawls up to me and brings her face close to mine and says "mmmuuaaah" as her popped out bottom lip touches my cheek. Her kisses are like ice cream... with whip cream... and fudge... and sprinkles!

2. I love when when we leave the house expecting just to tag along to Tyson's rugby practice, but end up having a picnic and feeding geese at the little sunset park lake. It is days like that, that make me feel like we are exactly where we are suppose to be at this time in our life.

3. I love fall. I love the noticeable change in weather. I love the night where for the first time in MONTHS you need to wear socks, but you don't because you love the feeling of a chill on your toes. I missed that chill.

4. I love when Tyson comes in the kitchen while I am making dinner. Sometimes, like last night, we start to talk about something which will lead us to talk about something else.... and pretty soon we are laughing and eating our dinner right there in the kitchen... right out of the cooking pots. Alone time with Tyson is so precious to me. It is my fuel. Fuel to be a good mother and wife.

5. I love watching TV during Halloween! There is a scary movie on just about every channel, and that is just rad!

6. I love lighting Candles at night. I recently got a tuberose scented candle from my wonderful Nana. When I smell that candle it reminds me of her in two ways. 1. obviously because she gave it to me ;) and 2. it reminds me of working at the flower shop with her and my mom. What a special time that was. I knew I was lucky and I knew it was a pretty cool job, but I think I took it for granted a little bit! I miss it so! I miss the days where the three of us were in the shop together. Sometimes a customer would come in and inquire about the family resemblance and my Nana would be so proud to say "this is my daughter and this is my granddaughter". Those were good times!

7. I love when Tyson thinks I am not close enough to listen and starts to sing along with whatever song is playing. His voice is pretty amazing. He is so talented in every single artistic way... it boggles my mind! He can draw, he can play instruments, he can dance, he can take brilliant photographs, he can write, and he can melt me with his voice.

I know I say this a lot, but I'm gonna say it again.... I am one lucky chick.

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