Tuesday, December 7, 2010


We are home from our wonderful cruise! Another successful vacation, I say. It was a bit different than any other vacation that I have ever been on because it was my first vacation with Charlea. She had so so soooo much fun. At times I would think to myself that taking care of a toddler on vacation is too much hassle, but her smiles and laughter were all I needed to know that I wouldn't have it any other way. Tyson had to fly home for our second port, but I am glad that he got a chance to get some R&R. God knows that he, more than anyone, needed and deserved this vacation.
On a side note, Tyson and I moved into a new apartment this past week. It is new and bigger and we are enjoying getting settled in our new home :)
Acapulco Sunset
Tyson and I both gained a few pounds on this trip... and this is why!!! No shortage of food!!!
This smile was plastered to her face the whole trip :)
Adult dodge ball.... INTENSE!
My boys dominated!
It was a great trip!!! Thank you to my wonderful grandparents!!!

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