Friday, December 31, 2010


Where in the world do I start? 2010 was full. Just absolutely full. I am thinking about last Christmas... Tyson and I were sitting by the fireplace in our Encinitas home when we decided that we needed a big move... so Vegas it was. It is hard to believe that 365 days have passed since then. Those 365 days flew with such power! People always say that as you get older time flies, when you have children time flies, when your busy time flies. You know what I think? All of the above, but most importantly... When you are happy, time flies. I wish there was some eloquent, consequential word that could sum up the emotions that 2010 brought... but there isn't. Just "happy". Even the days that were hard, even the tears that fell, even the arguments that were had... were beautiful and happy... in the end. If someone would have said that to me on one of those days, I probably would have told them where they could shove their happy stick. Probably the worst of those days was when we lost our 2nd baby. I think that day was quite arguably the most painful day of my entire life. To this very moment it sets my heart on fire to think about. But as crazy as this sounds, so much good came out of it. I fell even more madly in love with my husband. His heart was as broken as mine was, but he put mine back together. I will never forget how he comforted and loved me back to life. I took comfort in my beautiful daughter as well. She helped me through without even knowing it. The loss of a pregnancy makes you realize just how much of a miracle children are. So many things can go wrong. Cookin' a baby is a complex business... but somehow they come out perfect. She came out perfect and she is going to be a great big sister one day. See? Happy.
2010. I moved to a new state. I took waaay too many pictures. I said "I love you" to my husband and daughter EVERY day. I laughed. A lot. I did roughly 180 loads of laundry. I learned to crochet. I cried happy and sad tears. I watched Twilight 7 times. I took the best care of my family that I possibly could. I dreamed happy dreams. I cooked fabulous meals. I flew on an airplane 8 times. I snuggled passionately. I ate a 3rd taco when I should have stopped at two. I got a job. I watched fireworks. I was loved. I was happy.
This year FLEW! Right into my heart. Forever.
I can't wait to see what 2011 brings!
I pulled together some of my favorite moments of 2010. An impossible task, but I tried! Happy New year!
New Years last year, I especially love this picture because I am wearing my led Zeppelin t-shirt and she is wearing the onsie we brough her home from the hospital in :)
Daddy left to Vegas to build us a new life, we missed him on his B-day
Ahh.. the adventures of Marlowe and Charlea... there were many. Among them were some firsts. First time to the movies and first trip to the Zoo!
The Rowland Wedding, a beautiful day.
Our new, empty apartment in Vegas.
Charlea bonding with her cousins
My birthday at Red Rock for a sushi dinner
Dressing up and taking 100 pictures
4th of July BBQ
Nana's Surprise party. Visiting family and friends in California.
Charlea's FIRST birthday!!!
Christmas in Vegas with my Mom and Brian :)

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