Monday, January 10, 2011

Different Things.

First, we started the new year in white. It snowed January 2, 2011 for a couple of hours. It was an unusually delicious morning. I woke up at 8 to the sound of rain... or so I thought. Now,usually my alarm clock, aka Charlea, wakes me between 7 and 8, so I quickly slipped out of bed, away from Tyson's warm body, and into her room to find her sleeping soundly with her arms wrapped around a plush beige and brown teddy. I thought the smile that she gave me reached maximum teeth capacity, but just then I looked out her window and saw the snow. Teeth overload! I felt giddy as shuffled back into our room to wake Tyson. I opened our blinds and then jumped into bed to get a few more minutes of warm snuggles. It was so nice. It's funny though... my first reaction to learning that Charlea was sleeping longer than me was "YES!", but shortly after I found my self silently begging her to wake. It's funny how that happens huh? Same thing at nighttime... I am soo ready for some alone time when she goes to bed, but an hour into her slumber I miss her silly babbles, I miss her bringing me random books to read, I miss the way she stumbles around the apartment like a drunk elf. I missed her that morning and wanted her to share in our first snow. She woke up a few minutes later and could care less about the snow... but she loved that BOTH Mama and daddy came in to get her that morning :)
Second, I am starting my new job in two days! <-- That exclamation mark means this: I am nervous to start working again, I am sad that I can't be a full time stay at home mom with Charlea anymore, but mostly I am very very excited to be taking some financial stress off of Tyson and to get back out there!!! Change has never done me wrong and I don't think it will fail me now. I am going to be working in a bank which will be a new challenge, I will only be working 3 days a week and I will be getting FULL benefits which was the jobs main appeal. For now, I am just enjoying my time with Charlea, drinking her in. Last but most definitely not least... Big news in the Taumaoe family... Our little little got her first hair cut and is now ROCKING bangs. We loved Charlea's hair how it was, but it was always in her face so we decided to snip snip on a whim. We regretted it almost instantly, but my goodness this girl looks so cute! Plus, I don't think she is missing the applesauce crusted hair in her face.
All in all the first few sips of 2011 have been lovely leaving me thirsty for more! It's going to be a great year.

PS. In case your wondering what the dates on the pictures are all about.... I am participating in the Frame A Day challenge. It is pretty self explanatory... and I'm not completely sure what the original meaning is.... but I think it is important to document the things that make you smile. They come in handy on the days when the sun just doesn't want to shine. And years and years down the road when Charlea asks "mama, what were we doing new years 2011?"..... Well, my love, that is when we had our first snow :)

Goodnight, sweetest of dreams.

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  1. :) Brings a new meaning to It's a Wonderful Life. Love reading your blogs and admiring your photos.