Monday, March 14, 2011


Today was a pretty happy day in the Taumaoe household. Obviously, from my previous post, I was feeling pretty content. I woke up with Boo, made breakfast, did some laundry, cleaned house, and even squeezed in a nap with BOTH Charlea and Tyson. We took Charlea outside to run around in the sprinklers. We grilled yellowfin for dinner..... and then.... we turned on the news.
I'm sure that everyone is well aware of the devastation wreaked on Japan. I know a lot is being said about it, but I felt the need to voice my feelings as well.
It is human nature to get wrapped up in your own life. Everyone has their own job, their own car, their own mom and dad, their own way of being. We often get SO wrapped up that we kind of forget that there is someone across the world that has their own car that they worked so hard for, they have their own "secret perfected recipes", their own grandmother that they love more than life. Everyone lives a life of their own, just like you and me. When you really sit down and think about life in that way, the number 3,500 becomes so much more despairing. That is the current number of CONFIRMED deaths in Japan.... and the number of people that are missing doubles that. 3,500 mothers that have to live without the smiles of their children, 3,500 little boys that get to grow up without the love and protection of their fathers, 3,500 grandfathers that lost their other halves. Old wise women who lived through war and bombings as young girls, now witness a similar magnitude of destruction... caused by nature. It is just, absolutely, unequivocally heart-ripping. My heart is ripped in half for every person who has been affected by this terrible event.
Today watching the news I was humbled. I was reminded that I am just one small person in this big world full of people who love life with the same intensity. And we are ALL delicate and fragile compared to this big unforgiving earth that we dwell upon.
One thing is for sure. We have to pull together. I plan on donating and I encourage everyone to do the same. Tyson and I don't have very much. But we still have our home, we still have food to eat, we still have each other, and we have the capability to help.

I don't "pray", traditionally, but my thoughts are with Japan. My hopes and wishes are that Japan will get a little bit happier and brighter everyday.

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