Friday, March 4, 2011


I was SICK as a dog the days surrounding Tyson's birthday. I'm not sure why people compare a terrible illness to a "dog's" sickness. I don't even feel like it does my illness justice.... but if sick as a dog means: a day of death, then I guess you get the idea. I was hugging the toilet most of the day and moaning in chilly discomfort for the rest. At first I thought it was food poisoning, but I had the chills and body aches that would point to a flu. It. was. awful.
I know that people get sick everyday and it is not really blog worthy, but when it prevents you from seeing your brand spankin' newborn nephew.... then it becomes an even bigger deal :)
Tyson's sister gave birth to her second baby, a little boy, Kaheke. I have been dying to snuggle a little newborn body for a while now and the fact that he is our first nephew made it so much sweeter. Seeing him for the first time was very emotional for me. It reminded me that should have a big 7 month pregnant belly right now. I should be only a couple of months away from holding our second born. It reminded me that we lost our baby. It stung my heart to look at his delicate little face... and not because I was jealous or bitter.... but because he is a little miracle and I am so grateful to have his tiny presence in my life. I guess that is all... just a small post for his huge arrival :)
Congratulations to Dasia and Matua on the birth of this beautiful soul!

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