Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Kindred Spirits

We had a busy weekend here in Vegas! Some friends of Tyson and I came to visit with their 18 month old daughter. Elgin was getting tattooed by Tyson at the Sahara, so they got a room there and we decided to join them! We figured it would be cool to get joined rooms in one of the last standing (but for not very much longer) rat pack hotels in LV. It really was a great time! It's always nice to find a family that meshes so well with your own and I know that I have always had a connection with Kiffen.
I guess the first time I "met" Kiffen was waaay back in 2005ish in college. At our first day of class we were doing the ever-so-fun introductions. Hi, my name is college student, I work at McDonalds, my major is philospohy because there is no math requirement, and my favorite color is red.... the color of my face! I always felt extra odd during these introductions because along with my info, I would say that I worked at a flower shop. I always got the "really? huh, that's neat!" from the professors and a few "she's a geek" looks from classmates. WELL, to end my rambling, this one particular class... a very pretty girl with a very unique name stood up and said that she worked at a flower shop as well! I don't think Kiffen and I said very much to each other outside of the random class related convo, but I always noticed her. I noticed her again when I saw her sitting in my class the next semester! I think we both transfered to different colleges at the same time and I didn't see her again until we both attended a high school graduation in 2009. At the end of the ceremony we found each other on the field we were both big and pregnant and happy to see eachother. Well I know I was at least! We found out that she was due about a month before I was and immediately made plans for a future play date for our girls. Our girls finally met when they were just a few months old, and the rest is history.
It's really important for me to have a strong group of mommies to look to for inspiration, motivation, and maybe even an ear to complain to because, lets face it, motherhood is not as glamorous as Angelina Jolie makes it look! Most of the mommies in my "group" are family... my Mom, my Nana, my aunts... but I feel very lucky to have Kiffen as a friend, a kindred spirit!
It made me so happy to see our girls playing. I know one day they will be kindred spirits as well :)

Just a couple of pics of our weekend. It was short, unorganized, and nothing quite went as planned... but it was fabulous, I tell you. More adventures with the Rowland and Taumaoe families soon to come!

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