Monday, April 11, 2011

Weekend Bliss

It was one of those weekends. No laundry was done, a dirty enchilada casserole dish sat by the sink for two days, and toys littered our house. I feel like pigs might have been uncomfortable in my house this weekend... BUT! We sure did smile a lot :)
Immediately after work on friday we took Charlea to Chuck e. Cheese. Even as we pulled into the parking lot she was conquered by her excitement... squealing like a puppy about to get a treat! I don't know if it is the pizza, the lights and music, or the overgrown (half-creepy) mouse named Chuck... but our girl is in heaven at this place.
Saturday we decided to have a family day... and VERY last minute we decided to take Charlea too the Zoo. It is a very, very...... very small zoo. Not very well kept or organized, but we got to get very close to all of the animals. I mean, we were less than 10 feet from a cougar. A very cute cougar! Getting feisty with a HUGE ball. Have you ever seen a kitten play with a little toy drenched in cat nip? That was this cougar... rolling the ball across his caged area, then running to a corner, only to POUNCE back at the ball. Super cute! In the bird area... we just happened to catch a male peacock all fluffed up, showing off to a couple of females. It seemed completely unfazed by our presence, nor did the other zoo-goers seem impressed by the sight. Well, I was. It was such a treat to see such an unusual, magnificent animal in all it's glory. Charlea had a ball of course... meowing at the giant "kittens", tweeting at all the birds, and roaring at the lions! After a couple of hours it started to sprinkle a little bit on us.... so we took that as our cue to find ourselves some dinner.
OH THIS DINNER! First... The instant I said the word "indian" Tyson and I were on a mission for some spicy masala. It was almost 4 at this point and we couldn't find a single Indian joint that was open! We FINALLY found a funny little spot called "Bollywood Grill". It. was. delicious! Not only was the food delicious, but the decor was hilariously awesome. Framed pictures of famous Bollywood actors, and a huge flatscreen TV playing random scenes from different Bollywood movies. It was a great way to end a great day!
We ended the weekend with a BBQ with some friends. There was a little water display that the babies couldn't stay away from, so we stripped them into their diapers and watched them run around splashing and squealing. It was like a hilarious wet diaper contest. Ha! Favorite moment of the weekend you ask? After I got Charlea all warm in her dry clothes, she crawled into my lap. She was asleep 4.7 seconds later. I was watching shadows of the leaves from above us cross her face with the wind. I felt sleep begging me to join her. The sun was so warm. The chirping birds were so lovely. I fell asleep with a smile on my face. Hands down favorite moment of the weekend.
This weekend was a little slice of perfection. A lot has been weighing on my mind lately. Work, money, future.... bla bla. This weekend was a good reminder that none of those things really matter. As long as I can occasionally enjoy delicious food with my sweet husband and nap in the park with my adorable girl... life is good. very, very good.

Ok everyone.... A dirty casserole dish is calling my name... have a good week!

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