Sunday, April 24, 2011

Photo of the Week!

Tyson asked me to post a photo of the day here on our blog.... but since I tend to miss days here and there with my frame a day challenge on facebook, I decided that a photo of the week would be much more feasible. Tyson and I both agreed that this week was pretty bla... but today is Easter and it was a beautiful day. We had an egg hunt planned for yesterday, but when our poor bunny woke up sick we knew our plans were out the window. She was feeling much better later in the day and seemed completely better today. We gave Charlea her Easter basket first thing... puffy eyed from a not-so-great nights sleep and still in her jammies. She was a happy girl sifting through her new treasures. We ate pizza, we watched movies, we snuggled up together for a family nap. It was a happy Easter, I'd say!
Look for our Photo of the Week every sunday. Good night!

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