Sunday, July 31, 2011


I guess this is just a quick blog to complain about how busy we have been. I guess it starts with my schedule. One of my co-workers left so everyone is having to work more to make up for the open hours. I am working full-time, 40 hours a week. I know that, during this tough time for our economy, I should be thankful for an opportunity to work. I know that, even though it's not needed, the extra cash will be nice for our savings account. But here is the thing. I hate being away from Charlea. I feel like I am needed at home to kiss her boo-boos, read her princess stories, teach her the ABC's, and make her chocolate chip cookies. She loves being home with her daddy, but Tyson works full-time as well. He works over 8 hours many nights and then has to come home only to get a couple of hours sleep before having to wake up with Charlea while I go to work. Thank goodness Charlea is so sweet and good, because I know that taking care of a toddler with little sleep is no easy task... no matter how much love you have for them. I hate being away from Tyson as well. I have found myself getting upset with him about insignificant things lately. It very well could be the lovely pregnancy hormones, but I kinda think it is this subconscious part of my heart saying "if your mad at him, you won't miss him so much". Well, I can never stay upset with him, and I miss him still. Yes, This has been our schedule for the past month and it is taking a toll. Thankfully, it is only going to last 2 to 3 weeks longer!!! BIG EXCLAMATION!!! We are all very excited to get back on our normal schedule again :)
In Belly news. I'm looking pretty pregnant these days. I can feel baby sister kicking all the time. Even at 4 am when I am trying to sleep! Ah, no complains though. Honest! I love every minute of being pregnant. If Tyson and I won the lottery, I'd have a whole rugby team for him. But for now, we are enjoying our big girl who's second birthday is right around the corner, enjoying each other, and enjoying the waiting game for baby girl Taumaoe #2!
Photo of the week! Kodak moment, right?

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