Saturday, July 2, 2011


It is HOT in Las Vegas. Not put on a bikini, drink ice cold lemonade, and life is good kind of hot. It's more like, you walk outside and feel like your being microwaved kind of a hot. I was so spoiled, in California, to have beautiful weather ALL year. The weather wasn't even a factor in day to day planning. In fact, I never even thought about the weather. It is a completely different story in Las vegas. There is no escaping the weather. I think about it when I wake up sweating, when I'm putting on my BLACK work pants, when I am making my breakfast! It slaps me in the face when I open the front door to run errands. So today... I am fighting back. I am thinking about all of the things that make me smile, all of the things that I am grateful for. I know that sometimes I get all hung up on the things that make me uncomfortable, that I miss the things that make those other things not matter.

1. I am grateful for fresh summer fruit! There is something about the juicy peaches I have been getting from the store lately. Heavenly!

2. I am grateful to have a deep sleeping husband. Pregnant side sleeping isn't always the most comfortable thing in the world, but I get to use Tyson as full body pillow. Cutest Body pillow I have ever seen.

3. I am grateful to work with such great women. I have never walked out of the front door easily. I miss my Charlea every day that I am away from her, but my co-workers ease that a bit.

4. I am grateful for bratwurst. They are deliciously delicious! Pregnancy craving for sure!

5. I am grateful for time. Time heals everything. As an emotional woman, I find that a lot of things hurt my feelings and get under my skin. Things that don't really have a solution, other than time. Time makes me smile.

6. I am grateful for slow drivers. I appreciate people that are not in a hurry on the road. They are far too few!

7. I am grateful for my friendship with Kiffen R.! Today is her birthday! A fellow Cancer! No wonder we get along so well!

8. I am grateful for music. I'm sure there are only few things that you can truly say connects people ALL around the world. MUSIC is definitely one of them. Even people who live in places where radios and TV's don't exist, listen to the sound of a rhythmic beating drum, a hum of a sweet voice, and are taken to a state of happiness. Once a day everyone should turn off their TV, put away their school books or work papers, and turn on some music. It is good for the soul. That is a fact.

9. I am grateful for the 99 (seriously, she is 99) year old woman who works at the fabric store down the street. She always has the sweetest smile on her face. If I am lucky enough to live an entire century, I hope that my smile stays as beautiful and as genuine as hers.

10. I am thankful for Tyson. I recently heard that some friends, who got married right around the same time that we did, are getting divorced. My heart breaks for them because even though a separation may be the best thing for them, it is no ones goal to break such a promise. Being married is definitely hard somedays... but I would rather be with Tyson on a hard day than live a thousand easy days without him.

11. I am grateful for my little-big baby Charlea Boo. She is eating the soap bubbles as I type and she threw a fit earlier when I wouldn't give her an otter pop, but my goodness I love her.

And with that odd number.... I better get my little prune ready for bed. Photo of the week!!! I had so many, so I did a blind pick. This is a pretty cute one though :)

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