Friday, August 19, 2011


Since work has been taking up a majority of my days, I've really been thinking about the ability, or inability in my case, to leave emotions out of your work. Rude and unreasonable customers come with any job that requires you to perform a service. I know this. I knew this when I was working my first job at Clothestime at 16 years of age. I was training at the register and a customer, clearly irritated that I was new and not fully trained, said to my co-worker "can you just help me? I don't have time for this crap". I took it personally. Every job that I have ever had has tugged at my emotions at one time or another. And I keep hearing "Angelina, you can't take it personal". Ok, I understand the phrase. I do. But last night, laying in bed, crying after a very emotional day, I asked "Why the hell not!"
I'll back up. I had one of those unreasonable customers a few days ago. I couldn't tell you who he was because I don't remember anyone unhappy with me, I don't remember anything out of the ordinary, and I certainly have NEVER acted in a way that would prompt someone to complain about me to the upper ranks in my company. Anyways... he made a pretty big fuss about me, and I took it very personal. I am pregnant, I am working full time to help out my managers since another employee left, I get good shops, I am accurate, I am always polite and professional... but all of the sudden I am a problem that needs to be fixed. I guess it wouldn't hurt so bad if my managers had my back a little bit. They, after all, work with me everyday and know that I am very courteous to ALL customers. Icing on the cake??? I have to call this guy and apologize to him. ridiculous.
So back to taking it personal. I did take it personal. And excuse me very much... but I don't think there is anything wrong with that. My work is personal to me. I wake up in the morning, somedays even before my baby rises, so that I can put on my make-up, make sure my clothes are ironed, and to look presentable. Somedays I walk out of the house without even getting to kiss Charlea or Tyson goodbye. Being at work means being away from my home and family. In the powerful words of "Erin Brokovich" "If that isn't personal, I don't know what is!". I am nice to people at work because I am a nice person, not because I am getting paid to be nice. I smile at people because I genuinely want people to have a good experience at my work, not because it is my job to show my pearly whites. It's personal to me, and I am a better employee because of it. period.
I was chatting with someone about the incident and I said that I wasn't feeling valuable and appreciated. They said to me "everyone wants to feel valuable and appreciated at their job, but it rarely happens". What a shame if that is true.
I have to say though... When Charlea grabs my face and kisses me or throws her arms around my neck or gives my the most beautiful, soul-filling belly laugh, I know that I am appreciated. I know that I am invaluable. I can't wait to be a full-time mom again someday. There is no better job.

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