Monday, August 22, 2011


I haven't mentioned our house hunting adventures on here. Yes, it it true, the Taumaoe family is looking to buy our first home. It is quite a process I have to say. It has completely consumed my life... and has even trickled into my dreams just about every night. We looked at the first round of properties the weekend before last and were scheduled for more this past weekend, but since I had an emotional ending to my week, we called off the hunting and relaxed all weekend instead. I even squeezed in a pedicure with my due date buddy Natalie. First pedicure I have gotten in almost 2 years!!! Madness I tell you!!! My Auntie Anne, Uncle Richard and Step Dad Brian came to Vegas last minute as well. When family visits, I miss home a little bit less. I guess because it isn't the sandy beaches and salt-water scent in the air that I miss as much as dropping by my Nana's house to share a fudge popcicle with my Tata. It isn't the jacaranda lined streets that I miss as much as movie marathons with my mom complete with popcorn and a big ol' bag of peanut butter m&m's. After a week like last, seeing my family was a dose of medicine.
Ok there is an adorably chunky hunk of brown eyed love begging my to play blocks with her, but I'll leave you with the POTW. I know that I didn't post one last week, so I'll post of that is double the cute-ness. I know that I take a lot, a lot of pictures. But it is only because I know that I will eventually get pictures like this one. A picture with so much love in it! Have a good week everyone!

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