Friday, December 30, 2011

DIY: Book sling Spice-Up

My first craft project as a mother of two!!! It's a veeeeery small one. I had bigger plans for this lil book sling, but since Cheyne came early when I was expecting her to be late, my plans changed a bit.

I cut the flowers and stitched them directly onto the sling canvas using fabrics that I already had. I used brown string to stitch the stem. I'd say that it took me an hour total? The question mark is because I had to stop a few times for diaper explosions and hour long nursing sessions, so it really took me a few hours, but had I not stopped once I started it would have been a quick project :)

It wasn't much, but I think the flowers add a lot to the book sling.
PS. The Sling was 40 dollars on amazon and was an AMAZING purchase. I was so tired of seeing books strewn upon the floor!

Anyways... Just a quick post to say that I was proud of accomplishing something other than staring into Cheyne's baby blues, or watching an entire season of Mad Men in one day, or eating a peanut butter sandwich for all three meals :)

Have a great weekend everyone!!!


  1. That is adorable!! Congrats on getting it done with all the lovely distractions ;)