Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Happy Tuesday

Just a quick post to let the world know that, even though we haven't gone outside more than a handful of hours in the past 4 weeks, we are in fact alive and well.

It's a funny thing adding a member to your family. You can guess what it will be like, you can play out scenarios in your head and imagine the colors of your new world, but you really have no idea what it will really be like. Thats the thing about life... it is a constant guessing game.

For instance... I thought I had my girls pegged. I just KNEW that I was going to have a wild child in Cheyne. I thought... "I couldn't possibly get lucky with a calm baby twice"... and that was ok because I have my sweet, calm, low-maintenance Charlea. I would have to give a lot of attention to Cheyne, but Charlea is so smart and mature and content that she would understand. Welp... I got lucky with a calm baby again, and Charlea has been tough to handle. Not that she isn't all of the things that I rattled off about, but she is also a two year old who's whole world has been changed. She makes me proud on a daily basis, but we have had our fair share of meltdowns lately and coming from a child that has never really had a meltdown in her two year existence, it's been.... surprising :)

Ah but life is still good. I am thoroughly enjoying being at home with my two girls. I am even enjoying doing the household duties! Weird right?

I hope everyone's new year has been as exciting and beautiful as ours!!!

Charlea counting the little piggies
Cheyne has a crazy receding hairline... imagine a middle aged balding male :)
Problem solved! I made her some headbands with some flower fabric, buttons and cut up t-shirt for the "band" part.

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