Saturday, February 11, 2012

2 months!

My Sweet baby is going to be two months old in a couple of days! I think it is going to be a very busy week so I am going to post now.

The second month has been more of the same newborn amazing-ness, except everyday that she grows older I am able to see the little girl that she is turning into.

The first things that stands out is her smiles. She smiles sooooo much more than Charlea did and really more than any newborn I have ever seen. NOTHING in this entire world is more contagious than a big gummy smile from a sweet newborn babe. So, needless to say, we have all been smiling much more since Cheyne was born.

I think the first question that people ask me is "Is she sleeping for you?" I think this question is part of the reason that there is so much pressure on the "sleeping through the night" issue. Anyways. Cheyne sleeps 7 to 9 hours straight before waking to nurse, and then sleeps a few more hours before waking for the day. Which is wonderful. I don't feel tired anymore!

I'm not sure how much weight she has gained this month, but my guess is between 11 and 12 pounds! Yes, the dimply thighs and wrist rolls are making their grand entrance and I LOVE it.

As far as the family dynamic goes. I think we are all comfortably sinking into a family of 4 routine. It feels good. Although, I have to say that we did have a bit of a bad day this past week. Nothing seemed to flow. The whole day was quite the disaster actually. Tyson had a rugby game and I endeavored to hang out with both girls while Daddy was playing. The game hadn't even ended and Tyson was put on the injured list with a bloody nose and broken pinky that was pointing in the wrong direction. I was juggling a very hungry Cheyne and an EXTREMELY tired and grumpy Charlea that didn't want to play nice with other kids. At one point Charlea, Cheyne and I were all in tears. I ate almost a whole carton of Ben & Jerry's Chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream that night. Not the best recovery tool, I admit, but it worked. I went to sleep happy and ready to make sure the next day went better. And it did.

Sorry I went off on a bad day rant, but I guess it would be a lie to only blog about the happy things :)

Happy two months my Cheyne! I can't wait to see what the next month brings!

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