Saturday, February 4, 2012


Tyson and I got iphones for each other for Christmas. I have some serious ilove for the iphone. I have been rejecting the idea that people need smart phones when we have computers, board games, and expensive cameras at home, but they are brilliantly convenient.
I have known about the instagram app and have jealously admired pics that my friends have taken with the retro cam. Obviously, I am a sucker for blogging, so I knew a new addiction was a brewin'! If you have an iphone and have instagram.... I'm @ataumaoe... or you can search angelina taumaoe. If you don't have an iphone or instagram? Don't be afraid to hop on the band wagon! The company is fabulous, I promise!
This (instagram photo)! My friends, is the street leading away from our new house! Yes, those are mountains and it is beautiful. We are in the final stages of escrow and should have keys in a month :)

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