Friday, February 3, 2012

DIY Rag Rug

I have always been a fan of rag rugs. I never would have thought that I could make one and that is probably because I didn't realize that you could make one knowing the basics of crocheting! I rounded up a bunch of fabrics that I had left over from past projects and bought a few sheets from a thrift store and ripped the fabrics into strips. I wish I could give an in depth tutorial, alas, I am terrible with organizing my projects and especially terrible with patterns. My craft projects are a heaping pile of unorganized mess until I finish them because I just can't wait to see the outcome. But basically I just used the largest crochet needle I had (Size P, I think) and make single stitch rounds until I get to the desired size. Different fabrics crochet differently due to different thickness and softness. You just have to make sure that you adjust to the different fabrics so that the whole rug remains the same tightness. As a side note. The thinner and softer a fabric is, the easier it will be to crochet.

A few sheets I bought from the fabric store for about 6 bucks. Recycle baby!
Getting Started

Finished Product!!!
I can't wait to make a few more for my girls, and even Tyson put in an order for a big black, white, and grey one! I wasn't too concerned with the color scheme for this rug, but I think the bright colors turned out pretty great.

Happy Friday! Have a great weekend!

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  1. Gorgeous!! I am going to google instructions on crocheting and give it a try!