Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Lately - Finally

So I sat down a couple of nights ago and spent about an hour and a half writing up this post only to have it deleted right as I was trying to post. I was pissed. That was 5 days ago. It's amazing how quickly the days just get away from me. But I guess the excuse I have for not writing about my life, is that I am living it... and thats pretty sweet :)

Ok on to the "lately". A lot has been going on. The month of March was Madness. I start with March 8th. That was the day that we were SUPPOSE to close escrow on our house. A very long and complicated story short, we lost our house again. We found out March 11th that it wasn't going to happen. Tyson and I were at a friends house when I got the call and it was all that I could do to hold in my tears. When we got into the car, I let the mourning begin. I cried the whole 45 minute car ride back to our apartment. It hurt to walk into the door knowing there was a great possibility that we could have to live there even longer. Even though that apartment will hold a special place in our hearts, we knew that we really didn't like anything about it outside of the memories that we created there. So that was it, we were definitely moving in two weeks time, we just didn't know where. We began the rental search the next day. We saw a handful of places in the next week. It came down to two condos. Both were in much better areas, both were bigger with an extra room. Our top choice was in our favorite part of town, was bigger than any we had seen, was in a gated community and overlooked a big beautiful park that stretches a mile long. It was also the most expensive place that we had seen. It was a whole 80 dollars more expensive per month. We ultimately decided that, while the 80 dollars extra a month would have been worth it, saving money was more important since we are just going to revisit the "home buying" experience next year. We told the owner of the condo that we loved his place, but we were going to go with a different home. He responded and inquired why we decided on the other place and after hearing our reasons he lowered his rent 50 dollars! That. Is. Huge! He said that he really liked us and that he would rather have tenants he liked and get a little less rent, than crazy tenants for full price. Tyson and I were pretty upset about loosing the house. I kept saying to myself "we deserve a freaking break"! Well, there it was!
Now that we are all moved in, I almost feel bad that I was even considering the other place just because of money. The park ALONE makes the extra money so completely worth it. I can't tell you how happy it makes me to wake up hearing the birds chirping and children playing in our front yard. Nothing quite like it. When you live in a home that you like, it makes keeping it up not feel like such a job!

Speaking of jobs, I no longer have one!!! Or, rather, I quit one of them. I am now officially a stay at home mama. It was a little nerve wrecking at first.... getting rid of my entire income. But, The transition has been smooth and wonderful. It feels good that I am getting back to a routine with the girls. I am getting back into crafting as well! Did I mention that our new place is right down the street from a Jo-Ann's? Yes. Dangerous. Very, very dangerous! Deliciously dangerous! So now I am back doing the things that I feel I am meant to do, raising my babies and creating.

Now to our babies!!! I'll start with the big one. Chuck is officially potty trained. Can I get a hallelujah! I mean, She's not even two and a half, so I know she is ahead of the curve, but it was a frustrating process for me. I had to constantly remind myself to be patient. She is still being a rockstar big sister. I think the two favorite things I have ever heard her say are "I love you baby Cheyne" and "Baby Cheyne is my beeeest friend". Melt me to the ground.
Cheyne turned 4 months old yesterday! A year ago at the end of March I found out that I was pregnant with her. It was the third month that we were trying for another baby after we lost our second. The other day I was thinking about our second baby and Cheyne. If my second pregnancy had been successful, I would no doubt have a 10 month old baby that I loved, but I would also have no Cheyne, which is a thought that takes away my breath. I could not imagine my life without my Cheyne. She is my air.

I have said it once and I'll say it one thousand times. Things don't always work out exactly how you plan them, but it always works out EXACTLY as it is meant to. That is so abundantly clear as I am sitting here in our new home with my two sweet girls sleeping soundly.

Thought I would post some pictures of our Easter! It was a great day!

Ok, another hour down. This thing better post!

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