Saturday, July 21, 2012

Update Soon

Hi Blog, I know you might not remember me, but I use to write you regularly. We use to be madly in love with describing the joys of motherhood and the fabulousness of being the wife of a certain gorgeous tattoo artist. Well... as my "things I need to blog about" list got longer, I also discovered the beauty in keeping memories and pictures just for myself, Tyson and our girls. That is not to say that I'm going to stop writing you, because I love you so. I can guarantee you that I will be here with you blogging the day Charlea sits behind the wheel of her first car and the night I send Cheyne off all sparkly and beautiful to her senior prom.

That said... I promise you that we will continue our love affair with adjectives this weekend. Stay tuned for a long and overdue update about the Taumaoes!!!

(Random thought: I love that Spell check wants to change "Taumaoes" to "tamales" mmmm.)

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