Wednesday, January 2, 2013

A New Year

It's been so long since I have last written that I almost don't know where to start.

It's a new year! 2013! Feels strange to write that...

The last three months have been more busy than the previous nine, which is perhaps why I haven't been blogging as much... or at all... ha :(

We wrapped up our new year in this order...

A trip to California to meet Florida cousins, Charlea's third birthday party, lots of crocheting, Tyson's first tattoo convention, Thanksgiving with Vegas family, Tyson switching shops, Vacation in Cabo, Cheyne's first birthday, Christmas in California, and New Years at home.

I could go into great detail about each one, but I would most likely get a finger cramp. Plus, One of my new years goals is to spend less time with electronics and social media :)

To be really honest, 2012 was a bit of a dud of a year. There were amazing moments, yes. Even on the cloudiest of days, I could still find a little bit of sunshine. But, man, there was a couple of really big disappointments. For example... We should have become homeowners in March and after a long and completely consuming process, we lost our house. Sure I can put a positive spin on it... it wasn't meant to be... it wasn't exactly what we wanted... it wasn't that great of a deal anyways... we'll find something better, But the truth is.... it would have been really nice to have a much smaller mortgage for a much bigger 4 bedroom home, than live in a small 3 bed condo and pay higher rent. saving the extra money would have meant so much to us, particularly for Tyson's art. It could have meant more conventions, more business trips, more merchandise.

I really am not complaining. We set high expectations for 2012, and it fell slightly short, but we still made it through the year with a roof over our heads, with food always on our table, with the ability to indulge a little in the activities we love, with our health... I know that in hard times, not many can say the same.

Perhaps the greatest thing that Tyson and I did in 2012 was get into better shape and completely changed the way we feed ourselves and our daughters. If I did nothing else last year, I would still be proud of myself... just because of that. It's easy to eat poorly in this country. Very easy. And that is why obesity is the number two "preventable" killer of people in the US. Moreover! something like 9 million children are overweight! It's sickening. It absolutely turns my stomach... much like a ONE THOUSAND calorie big mac meal from mcdonalds would. We have completely cut out all fast food, which wasn't very hard since we never really ate much in the first place. We eat out maybe once a month. We grocery shop more often so that we can get weekly fresh fruits and veggies. We buy as much organic and un-processed food as our budget will allow. And we have made exercise a priority. It's amazing how much better we both feel. The VERY best part is that it is creating good, healthy habits for our girls, and there is really nothing more important than that. One day towards the end of the year, Tyson and I both got done working out, we were eating a healthy meal and he said to me, with a smile on his face "This is it right babe? This is how it's going to be forever." (referring to our new healthy lifestyle) I smiled back and said "yes" absolutely knowing that it was true.

I have a few more hopes for 2013 that I would like to share!
1. Watch less TV and read more.
2. Teach Charlea to swim this summer.
3. MAYBE try to buy a house.
4. Get another tattoo.
5. Start Charlea in school in the fall.
6. Be a more patient mom.
7. Move Cheyne into her crib in her room.
8. Kiss Tyson every single day.
9. Craft with the girls every week.
10. Start a family day with no electronics.
11. Get back into a bikini :)
12.  make salads everyday.
13. Be more organized.

Ok that was more than a few, but appropriate that there are 13 right?

A brand new year feels so good doesn't it? I hope that 2013 IS a good year for all people, for this country, and for the world.

I will add some photos tonight, but for now, I'm going to close the computer and play with my girls.

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