Friday, September 11, 2009


being away from my wife has been stressful and hectic to say the least! it even prompted me to get a neck tattoo while being in LA. ive been working 5 days and going home for 2 and then repeat with a 1 1/2 hour drive drive each way. not too bad but still sucks. atleast i get to watch the many oddities of the LA populace, see a side of the west coast i usually drive through and dont really like so much. 

the downside of course being that im away from my wife whose about to pop any minute and the prospect of that happening while im away is very unnerving. anyway, such is life i guess. things are just meant to be tough sometimes, or maybe not meant to be but should be. how does one learn the things there are to learn in and about life with out enduring the hardships it takes to get to and appreciate the lavish luxury that is financial, physical and mental stability.

 seems lately that that is what is sought after really. not the mansion or the lamborghini or the house staff or the hundred thousand dollar a week beach rental but the seemingly unobtainable phenomenon that is normalcy.. But this thing called normalcy is a non discriminatory goal because its something that the rich and poor seem to both have the most trouble obtaining. just being content and happy seems to be the most unachievable goal when youve got the intentions of obtaining the aforementioned things. because in the end that is just what they always end up, things. and who needs more things these days? give me a small suburban house a paid off mini van and a stable job and you can have 'em all. And when you do have riches, the pain it comes with managing it or the uneasy feeling of knowing who REALLY cares about you or whatever obession has taken you over since finding money isnt a problem seems to be the riches vices and holds them back from normalcy and contentment. 

If theres one thing ive learned since the conception of my daughter its that some things in retrospect just dont mean anything! Balance is key in all things! and your wife is always right. 

anyway theres my random and messy tangent via the sheraton lobby floor.

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