Friday, February 18, 2011

Tyson and Me.

Tyson and I met at freshman orientation back in 99'. SInce his last name was "T" and mine "S", we were in the same group to tour our high school. I can still remember our first few exchanged words, what he was wearing, what I was wearing, the facial expressions that he made. Not because I was particularly sweet for him, but just because I have a great memory and that was an important day for me (at the time, at least lol!). But looking back on that day and knowing who Tyson is now I can see..... the guy was being flirty with me! Who would have thought.... Tyson Taumaoe, Homecoming King, school comedian, loved by all.... would fall for the slightly chubby, pimply faced, volleyball stud. Maybe we didn't "have each other at hello" that day, but we certainly were connected. Through the rest of those 4 years in high school. I dated one of his childhood friends and he dated.... every other cheerleader that came along..... but we remained friends. I never really had my eye on Mr. Taumaoe because frankly I thought he was out of my league, but his general gorgeousness was never unnoticed by anyone, certainly not me. Being his friend, I got a few phone calls asking me to read his latest love letter or idea for a Valentines idea for his recent flame. I often wished that I had someone to think of such a sweet gift for me. Tyson's "girls" were lucky.... but thank goodness they never managed to hang on to him... and thank goodness 100 times more that after our long intertwined history, we realized that "we" were meant to be.

All those Valentines that I got to hear about what Tyson was doing for other girls, and now I am the one that he plans for :) and even though life isn't nearly as simple as high school days, he still manages to create such sweet moments for me.

For this Valentines day I expected to be alone with my little love bug until about 4pm and then maybe we'd go to dinner. Well, Tyson surprised me by coming home very early, 11am, and with an overnight bag packed, we headed out the door. I had no idea where we were going, but was enjoying the ride. First we FINALLY went to see Harry Potter (which, if you know me, would have been gift enough!!!) We dropped off Charlea with her grandmother and were back on the road to Tyson’s secret location, ha!

We arrived at Green Valley Ranch Hotel. It was beautiful and so romantic. It has a very whimsical old ranch feel to it. Beautiful flowers everywhere, the smell of comfort food filling the air…. Look at me rhyming and everything!

I’ll save some of the details for just Tyson and I, but it was a Valentines Day filled with a lot of smiles, good food, and relaxation.

I must have done something right, because he sure does make me feel like a princess. I hope everyone out there had a great V-day with the ones you love!

And to the one I love, Tyson, I am so lucky to have such a man. You are the sweet air that fills my lungs, my entire being, with life. And what a wonderful life we are living together. Thank you for a wonderful Valentine's day. I love you.

I did NOT eat that poor lil fella!!!

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