Thursday, May 26, 2011


I had a pretty cute picture of my adorable little architect working with her blocks... but as I was uploading the pictures from the past couple of weeks I couldn't stop looking at the latest tattoos that Tyson has been doing. It's amazing to watch an artist learn a new skill. Almost as amazing as it is watching a toddler learn her ABC's. The learning process really is never ending. How lucky am I that I get to watch two different flowers blooming. A delicate pink lily, unfolding with more sweet fragrance and beauty each day... and my striking tiger orchid with bold and unique designs rooting out onto each petal. Each have such a strong and necessary presence in my life. I am infinitely proud of both.
Of course there are some downsides of having a talent such as Tyson's. It seems like everyone wants something for free. Most of the time it doesn't surprise me. But sometimes it bums me out. A lot. Especially when friends and family ask for too much. Don't get me wrong... there are a couple of people that have gotten cheap to free tattoos that deserve it, but that only makes up about .5% of the people asking Tyson on a daily basis for a "hook up". I thought the people closest to us would be the ones that would WANT to support Tyson the most. And by support I don't mean buying Tyson lunch for a tattoo, I don't mean asking him to work on his day off, I don't mean trading art for tattoos. By "support", I mean setting up a real appointment, at the shop, and paying him what he deserves. Tattooing is both physically and mentally taxing on Tyson and when he gets paid... he is putting food on our table and keeping a roof over our heads. I guess some peoples WANT for free stuff trumps the WANT to give Tyson proper payment for his hard work. Tyson always makes excuses for people and says that it doesn't bother him, but I think deep down he wishes that people would at least offer to give proper payment. He'll probably be a little upset with me for posting all of this... but Tyson, I hope you know that it comes from a place of love and respect. I know, without a doubt, that if our roles were switched, you would be just as protective of me as I am to you.
I do feel lucky to have such a giving husband, but I am really hoping that as the days and endless requests go on, Tyson will ask for a little more credit.... and maybe even learn the word "NO".
Anyways, Tyson is taking great care of his girls through his art... make no mistake about that. He is a wonderful man and we are lucky to have such a provider :)
Ok, Photo of the Week! Tyson designed this tribal poly woman when "becoming a tattoo artist" was still just a hope. Out of all of his designs... it is still one of my favorites. Such a treat to see it in some skin!!


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