Saturday, June 18, 2011

Daddy's Day and POTW

I have been extremely lucky to be surrounded by wonderful uncles, cousins and grandfathers all of my life. They all deserve to be honored today, and I know they will be.
Today I am thinking about my Dad. He is one of those men.... ruggedly handsome, silently strong, wise, hard-working... I could go on. But you get the picture of a picturesque all-american dad. He still makes me feel like his little princess at 25 years old. Father's Day always has me reminiscing. Playing monster in the dark and eating pork chops n' mac and cheese. They were precious times. Even though I am now living in another state with a family of my own... there is still bits and pieces of my Dad sprinkled in my life, in me. My love for a good steak dinner. My need for a good shoot em' up western movie every now and then. The way a slow country song calms me. It's all from my Daddy, who is constantly on my mind. Happy Father's Day to you, Dad!
I also want to give a quick mention to my step Dad, Brian. Only the greatest of great men can love other children like they love their own. Brian has always made me feel like his own daughter and for that I am so very, very thankful. Brian, there is a special place in my heart that is only for you. I hope you enjoy today because you are a wonderful dad.
Now, to my daughters father. I could not have picked a better man to help raise my children. The biggest joy that I have ever felt in my entire life comes when I see Charlea wrap her arms around your neck with that big toothy grin on her face. It deliciously warms my heart to hear her yell "DADDYYYY!!!" while running to greet you at the door. It fills my soul with happiness to watch you snuggle and kiss her after a fall. Her undying love for you is proof that you are such a wonderful father. I love every bit and piece of you. They created holiday's like father's day because of men like you!!
Photo of the week!!! Look at that face!!! I love it!

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