Monday, October 17, 2011

Happy Birthday Boo!!

The Taumaoe family just got back from Charlea's big birthday extravaganza in California. When I say extravaganza, I mean that we spent 4 days doing nothing but eat cake and let lil miss TWO get away with murder. And, when I say "just" got back, I mean we got back monday afternoon and still have our fully packed suitcase sitting by the door. Why is it that you need to recover from even the most relaxed vacations? I mean, being pregnant and large, I pretty much need to recover from walking up the stairs, but maaaaaan, all three of us are feeling the post-California depression for sure. Ahh... we have our memories though. We made some good ones this past weekend. It was a great end to a great year for my little little.

I have tried to sit down here and there to write this the past two weeks. I have plenty of beautiful things to say about year two, buuuut I couldn't translate those things into words. Tonight at bedtime Charlea inspired me with a sweet kiss and a "I luff you Mommy"... and here I am blogging about my little Charlea turning two. I cannot believe it has been two whole years since I met the second love of my life, and I cannot believe it has been 365 days since we sang her "happy birthday" for the very first time.

This year has brought us the lowest of lows when our family experienced the pain of loosing a baby, but trust me when I say that it was Charlea who pulled us through. She continued to bloom like a beautiful flower with fragrance and beauty enough to overcome any darkness. I am thankful that she is too young to fully understand or remember how heartbroken we were, but I will always be grateful for the strength that she gave me this year.

This year has brought us endless highs. Year two is a HUGE developmental year for children and Charlea was no exception. I look at her today running around, speaking sentences, amazingly self-sufficient and it is hard to believe that she couldn't even fully walk on her own one year ago.

Lets think of some of her favorites:
Favorite phrase: "Mommy, what are you doooing?" (in a very sarcastically concerned tone)
Favorite movie: This is a tough one but I am going to have to go with WALL-E. Girlfriend can do a mean robot imitation.
Favorite food: When she wakes up hungry she usually asks for these foods: Chocolate, pizza, and sandwhich... in that order.
Favorite animal: She's an animal lover, that is for sure. Right now... she is all about the sheep. Don't try to put her to bed without her sheep... there will be tears.
Favorite song: It amazes me how many songs she knows the words to! I think her favorite is "happy birthday"... probably because she knows that along with the song, comes cake :)
Favorite person: Daddy. No doubt. She loves her daddy something fierce. Everything is "my daddy...". "oh good morning MY daddy..... See ya MY daddy..... oh thank you MY daddy". There was really no way to avoid it though. I think Tyson was born to be surrounded by women who adore him. He is an amazing father and it has been one of my greatest joys to watch their love deepen this year.

I can't wait to see Charlea as a big sister! I think she will be as glorious as ever with a new baby in the house. I have to shamefully say that the thought "will I love this baby like I love my Charlea" crossed my mind once. It was such a silly thought that I don't think I answered myself. This is what I think the answer is: Of course not. I will love this second baby with as much wholeheartedness and devotion as I have for Charlea. I'm sure I will even have something special and unique with this second baby, something that will only be between her and I. But Charlea? Charlea is my first born. She will forever be the one that made me a mother. And that, my friends, is untouchable.

Happy Birthday sweet baby Charlea! Daddy said it best a few nights ago: We will never forget these past two years that got to spend with you solo. Best two years of our lives!!!

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