Sunday, October 9, 2011

Updates and Such

It's been far too long and I have so much to say! I guess I will go down the line...

Tyson: Has entered slow season at the shop, but he has been surprisingly busy on and off. Since this really is his first year as a full time tattoo artist, we have no expectations as to how each part of the year is going to treat him, and us. Summer was GREAT to us. A lot of great projects and opportunities which is really all a tattoo artist can ask for in the beginning of his career. Along with the cool weather has come some slow days. Which Ty is excited about actually. He enjoys taking a break from the buzzing of the machines... it gives him a chance to catch up on other projects and explore new mediums such as watercolor, something he has gotten into a lot lately. I always worry when he comes home from a zero day followed by another zero day, but he keeps my worries semi-at bay with his confidence that everything will always work out.
Sons of Anarchy!!!! A series that we have recently been watching. Ty's very first water color!

Charlea: Little Bit is going to be 2 in just a short couple of weeks. Hard to believe isn't it! There is nothing terrible about this two year old either (knock on wood). She is just as sweet and content as the day she was born. She has most definitely added some sass to her personality, but Tyson and I constantly talk about what a good girl she is. She's yapping up a storm. Most days she doesn't stop talking... maybe while she is sleeping... but even then she very well may blurt out random words and phrases. The other day I was napping with her and she yelled "no! go away".. showing someone in her dream who is boss no doubt. It's pretty cute. A lot of Charlea babble, but with everyday comes a new word or a better pronunciation. A little sponge, I tell you! I guess the biggest Charlea news is that she is now fully immersed in the world of potty training, and doing so great! I was really hoping to not have to change two sets of diapers come December, but I didn't want to rush her into something she wasn't ready for. It was almost as if she woke up on Monday and decided that she was a big girl and she was going to use the potty. If I am with her, she doesn't need a diaper all day! It is amazing how proud "pee pee and poo poo" can make you!
As for me, I am working a lot less and getting to spend more time with my loves which has made all the difference in the world. Tyson and I got to spend three nights off together this week. Even though he has become a night owl and I go to bed early, it is such a comfort to know that he is so close to me. I sleep much easier when he is home, even if he is in the other room. It is always nice when life slows down. It allows you to enjoy the simple things. Things like: watching Charlea set up her stuffed animals to play out scenarios. Today, for example, she sat her monkey, elephant and giraffe next to eachother. The monkey was sad apparently so the elephant gave him some cereal and the giraffe gave him a kiss. At first the giraffe didn't want to kiss the monkey, but Charlea laid down the law, waved her pointer finger at the giraffe and made sure he gave the monkey a kiss. Charlea was pleased with herself. It took everything I had to just sit and watch, not scoop her up and smother her with kisses. I am enjoying being able to linger in bed with Tyson waiting for Charlea to wake up. For the past few months I have to wake up extra early to get ready for work and most days I would walk out the door while Charlea and Tyson were still sleeping. So many days went by where Tyson and I were on opposite schedules that I AAAAAAALMOST forgot how beautiful he is when he sleeps. How his upper lip puffs out just a little bit making it slightly bigger than his lower. The shape of his eyes, the curve of his nose. I feel a little bit like a creepy wife, watching him sleep, but mostly I feel so so lucky to be married to such a beautiful, non-snoring, hard working man. I am enjoying watching my round tummy bouncing around. With my new found time I sit and watch little baby girl move for hours. I feel the same connection with her as I did with Charlea. With as much pain and discomfort this pregnancy has brought, I am still sad that it is almost over!
This happens to be my 30 week belly pic :)

In family news!!!! We are well on our way to buying our first home!!!! We made an offer on a 4bdrm we've has our eye on and it was accepted fairly quickly! Since it is a short sale we now have to wait to hear from the bank, but our realtor seems very confident that things are going to go smoothly and fairly quickly (for a short sale). It is all very time-consuming, confusing, but mostly it is just exciting! If you had told the Tyson and I of 4 years ago.... good friends that would soon turn into best friends and would soon turn into lovers... "hey.. in 4 years you two are going to be married with a beautiful 2 year old, a baby in the oven, and almost homeowners"... We probably would have looked at each other and giggled a "hopeful but doubtful" giggle. Not doubtful because we didn't want it, but doubtful because it really is so far away from where we were. I am so proud of us. We made some major decisions, made this big move and made our life happen. Ahh success and extreme happiness... who said the two can't co-exist. They certainly do in our little family.

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