Tuesday, November 1, 2011


The other day Tyson, Charlea and I were ALL stuffed in our little shoe-box of a bathroom. Tyson was in front of the mirror putting on make-up (hehee seriously) for a costume party he was late for. Charlea was in the bath making some beautiful art with her bath crayons and soaking in the rainbow colored water. I was sitting on top of the toilet listening to Adele on Pandora, making sure that Charlea wasn't eating too much soap, and rummaging through my make-up bag for my carbon colored eye-shadow for Tyson's caveman face. I was remembering the day I bought that particular shadow from the MAC inside Carlsbad mall. I remember the day with such clarity. I was husbandless and childless, I was wearing black yoga pants and my neon green hoody that juuuuust showed the very beginning of a baby bump that was soon going to be called Charlea. I was there looking for a black eye-shadow for my wedding day that was maybe a week away. Back in our little Vegas bathroom, I smiled when I found the little round case of shadow that was buried at the bottom of my bag. I looked up at my sweet husband and then over to my giggling prune of a daughter and had a total moment.
I can say PLENTY of negative things about living in this tiny, old apartment in the ghetto of Las Vegas, but I won't. In that moment I realized that our crappy little apartment was holding so many memories AND it was keeping us close together.... literally. I mean, three Taumaoe's (well 4 technically) in one 5x5 bathroom accomplishing 3 different goals... pretty good right? I think so.
Pretty soon we will be in a big ol' house with 4 different bathrooms. As happy as that thought makes me, I really hope that we remain a family that likes to be squished together!
Ok, I guess thats all. I told you it was random!
Also, I'll post the one, poor-quality, picture I got of Charlea on Halloween.... A cute lil cavegirl to match her caveman daddy :)
Cutest cave girl EVER right? Though, don't try to convince her that she was a cave girl because she will tell you with amazing certainty that she was a princess... and to that I say. Yes baby, Yes you are :)

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