Thursday, February 7, 2013

Las Vegas

I'm going to try to make this short and sweet because I'm tired and a pile of dirty dishes are begging to be washed before I go to sleep.

I went to the park today. I packed up a blanket and some grapes, found my favorite Ingrid Michaelson station on pandora, wrapped the girls in light sweaters, threw them in the stroller and we were on our way. Our backyard is the beautiful Pueblo Park so there is never much fuss in getting out the door. I sat with the girls on the grass for a bit, enjoying the sunshine and unusually warm weather. Charlea ran around like a crazy chicken trying to gather ALL of the sticks in the area before Cheyne could get them. Cheyne couldn't care less about the sticks. She was too busy eating leaves and rocks and driving me crazy. I was barefoot. And happy. I wish we had stayed there in the sun listening to the sweet melodies of my kindred spirit, Ingrid. After Charlea had sufficiently gathered every stick around, she begged to go to the swings....

A little boy about Charlea's age was playing by the swings so of course, being a little social butterfly, she went straight up to him and told him that he should swing with her because it would be so much fun. He did and I started chatting with his mother. We started with small talk... isn't the weather beautiful... how old is your son... I love your daughters shirt.... do you live around here? I learned that she was a work at home mom who moved to Las Vegas 3 months ago with her husband. She hates Las Vegas. She hates the people. She hates the weather. She pretty much likes nothing about this town and cannot wait to get out. She went on and on about how awful the school system is here and how she would never, ever allow her son to begin school in Vegas. The more she talked the more I was itching to get away from her. She made me angry. Las Vegas is like my brother. I tease him, I pick on him, I am downright mean to him sometimes... But if anyone else does the same? I loose it a little.

Here is the thing... A home is what YOU make it. Happy, good people can be found ANYWHERE. Beauty can be found in ANYTHING. I have only lived in Las Vegas for 3 years, but NO ONE can tell me that a sunset over the pacific is more beautiful than the majestic mountains that wrap around this city. They are both beautiful... in their own way. Sure, there are bad parts of Vegas, but the same can be said for any city. Yes, I do have some concerns about the schools here, but I know at the end of the day the most important and influential teachers that my daughters will EVER have are Mommy and Daddy. They will be good, hardworking, happy people because that is how we will raise them to be. This lady struck a nerve with her negativity. And what did I say to her? I smiled and said "good luck" because I honestly think that she will need it more than I.

Ok, short and sweet right? the dishes, I'm going... Goodnight.

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