Sunday, March 10, 2013


I'm just going to dive into this one because I cannot think of a witty preface. I love me a good preface.... so you know these string of thoughts must be bubbling inside of me dying to get out. They are.

People ask me ALL of the time when we will have another baby. "when's the next one coming?" "You guys make beautiful babies, make more" "Aren't you going to try again for a boy?" I've told people, multiple times, that we are content and done, and the same people keep asking. Is it really so inconceivable that two people could be happy with just two children?

Wanting children was (and still is, in some ways) a VERY strong, innate feeling. I love my husband and our strong, supportive relationship, I loved being pregnant, I am fascinated with the process of being in labor and birthing babies, I feel I am a good, nurturing mother. I'd love a whole brood of kids, sure! But two is enough for us, and this is why...

There are over 7 billion people on this planet. That number is rising quickly. Very quickly. Our planet does not have the ability to sustain our rapid population growth. It just doesn't. Understanding the lack of resources and the unfairness of it all is really reason enough for me to not have more children. Emotionally, I want a houseful of children! Realistically, I just can't and won't go there.

I want to have two children and raise them really well, not four or five and raise them marginally. I want to give as much of my time to my two girls as I can. I want to be able to financially support them... myself.... not the government. I want to educate them and make them aware of the whole world. I want them to be able to lean on us forever. For me, having more than two children would be selfish. That said, I am surrounded by all sorts of families. I know good, educated people who have four and five kids and I know people who have none. It's all good and fine and I am certainly not saying that if you have or want more than two kids, you are dumb and selfish, but for every good, educated family doing their best, there are COUNTLESS people popping out children (on the governments dime) with absolutely no understanding of the repercussions.... for them, for the innocent children they create, and for this world. Or maybe they do kind of understand, but they don't care because it is "not their problem."

It all just makes me really sad. I never understood people who didn't want any children. I always thought they were a little crazy, to be honest. I understand now. Sometimes I get a little short of breath thinking about what the world will be like when my girls are grown and raising children of their own. My grandchildren.... my great-grandchildren. :(

Don't get me wrong... our world is beautiful and precious.... which is why I try everyday to do my part in taking the best care of it that I possibly can. "Think globally, act locally" has never had so much meaning to me.

(I apologize for another jumbled, unorganized post full of grammatically incorrect, run-on sentences, but I am not going to re-read this sucker... it is my vent... good and bad)

How's all of that for a Sunday morning?!
Happy weekend everyone :)

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