Friday, February 1, 2013


I've been feeling low lately. Tyson has been stretching himself pretty thin working on a handful of side projects to make up for "slow season". He's been working his days off and, after his regular shift at the shop, will spend hours in his office drawing, painting, contemplating. I love him. He works so hard to support our family and never complains. A god, he is. That said, I'm going to complain a little (I am not as good as he is). I miss him. I crave his hugs and kisses and his warm body sleeping next to mine. I miss talking with him and sharing good food. I almost can't function without those things. Good thing my job entails watching two of the most adorable, happy girls on this side of the world. They drive me bonkers some days, but they keep me sane always. 

My Mom and Stepdad are coming for a visit next week. I. CANNOT. WAIT. I miss them everyday and can't wait to see them, but I'm SO excited to get some alone time with Tyson. We will be celebrating valentines a bit early and will hopefully be able to go on a couple of dates. Plus, I don't kid myself and pretend like my parents come to town to see me ;) They'll be busy soaking up the grandbaby love.

May I introduce the very awesome, very sexy.... Bubba. My favorite house-guest of the week. Cheyne was smitten.
I'll leave you with some bath-time shenanigans. This never fails to pick me up :)


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